Nari ki raksha

Turning waste into organic sanitary napkin to solve mensuration health problem of women

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Our vision

We contribute to sustainable development of women health and empowering awarness towards women mensuration through safe, organic and hygienic sanitary products

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Ultra Absorbent
Wider Back
No odour
Resuable as fertilizers


How we Started

How the
Idea comes

By analysis the surrounding we've women are not aware about mensuration and their precautions

Many of them are using chemical beased napkins which leads to the health problems and also leads to global warming

Nariksha intro

Over three years in business, We’ve had the chance to work on a variety of projects, with companies

Custom work is branding, web design, UI/UX design

How we are different

Over continuous researc we've found that we can make product fully biodegradable with natural raw materials

biodegradable 99%
comfortability 90%
Chemicals 0%

Social campaigns

Spreading awareness through awarness campaigns at rural areas leads to women empowerment

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